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AE Strowger Wall phone 1  AE Strowger wall phone 3
AE Strowger wall phone original number plate and in real nice condition.

WETCO wallp hone front  WTCO Open
Western Telephone Manufacturing Company wall phone (different orintation of components in case). circa 1908

233G payphone 01 233G Payphone Open 233G Payphone Guts 233G payphone 04

This is a Western Electric 233G pay phone as removed from service and before restoration. I like this phone as it is complete and as far as I can tell from other collectors comments it's 100% original other then missing the vault door and coin box. The date on the backboard is I-56 and other dates on internal parts are from 1961 and 1963, it's not easy to find an original un-touched example like this one. A fresh outside paint job and some cleaning and finding the missing vault door, this phone will look great.