Other Manufacture Candlestick Phones
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Strowger Potbelly front Strowger Potbelly back Strowger base
Strowger Potbelly 11-digit dial stick. Circa 1905

Century SS Century SS Back Century SS L Side
Split Shaft "Century Telephone Construction Co. Buffalo N.Y." Marked on transmitter face and back cup. Circa 1905

B&R Front B&R Back B&R Base
Marked "THE B-R ELEC. TELEPHONE MFG. CO. KANSAS CITY MO." and early OST receiver is marked

Chicago Semi-Potbelly  with Montgomery Ward transmitter.  Circa 1905

Holtzer Cabot front Holtzer Cabot Back
Holtzer-Cabot  Chicago desk stand, OST receiver and non-adjustable transmitter. Note the shape of the switch hook Back cup is marked "THE HOLTZER CABOT ELEC.CO. BOSTON CHICAGO". The transmitter face is marked "C" for Chicago and they where marked either "C" or "B" depending on city of manufacture.
Samson Front Samson Back
Samson Candlestick circa 1907 (note hershey kiss perch)

Monarch Front Monarch Back
Monarch Candlestick with a heavy brass base. circa 1904

SA front SA Back
Swedish American model # 70. circa 1902
DeVeau Front DeVeau Back
DeVeau eight button intercom. circa 1900

AE Front AE Back
American Electric straight shaft stick and project phone. circa 1903

AE Dial Front AE Dial Back
Automatic Electric step base dial stick with mercedes dial. circa 1914

Kellogg Front Kellogg Back
Kellogg stick in fairly good condition for it's age.  circa 1908