Stromberg Carlson Phones
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SC oilcan front  SC Oilcan Back SC oilcam base
Stromberg Carlson "oil can" with early ball mount and AE procelain mouthpiece. circa 1900
phone is also featured on the main page.

Stromberg oilcan restoration view
This photo shows a Stromberg oilcan restoration in progress, note the internal  components are shown as the base is missing in this photo. It is the last model with the larger transmitter and no ball mount. I don't remember whos phone this is, but the photo is very interesting.

SC KC front  SC KC back
Stromberg Carlson "Kansas City" phone with "Flint Sanitary" mouthpiece. Circa 1904

SC three sticks  SC three sticks
Three Stromberg Carlson stick's, non dial circa 1907, dial circa 1930 and a salesman's sample.

SC metal wall phone  SC metal wall phone
Stromberg Carlson metal wall phone with dated installation tag of August 5, 1907.  and inspection tag from 1922.
However I believe the tags are bogus as they are taped in. I need to do some research on this one.

Here is a geourgase Stromberg short McKinley.  circa 1900

SC double box
Stromberg double box wall phone circa 1920's
This was the first phone in the collection.