Western Electric Phones
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WE 10 front  WE #10 back
W.E.. #10 circa 1900. With "whisper it" mouthpiece, view of front. and back

WE 22 front  WE 22 back  WE 22 base
W.E. marked #22 with 128-A number card and OST pony receiver, transmitter face is marked *A.B.T.Co.*.  Wood and metal base cover and cast stem bolt.  circa 1903

WE 20B front WE 20B back  WE 40 AL
W.E. 20-B with OST receiver circa 1904, front and back. W.E. 40-AL base is made of steel and has
a finish similar to gun blue,  gorgeous original
Bower-Barff (yes, that's the name - not a
misprint)  "Parkerized" finish on this 40AL
circa 1916  W.W.I vintage

WE 20B shelf
I have collected several of these 20-B phones for display and each one is different in some way. 

WE coin collector front  WE coin collector back
W.E. #14 coin collector with attached 20-B phone drop hook. Early portable payphone used in restrurants
(matching key and lock numbers). circa early 1900's

WE 40B scissor phone  WE Howler
W.E. 40-B Rail Road scissors phone expands to 24 inches.                      W.E. Howler, mainly used by Rail               circa 1908                                                                                                Road companies. early 1900's

WE 20A RR phone
W.E 20-A Rail Road dispatchers phone. circa 1908   Note (double swivel joint allows the head to pivot 180 degreesand adjust up and down.) This phone mounts on an extendable L shaped rod that also pivots. 
I'm looking for the mounting rod assembly and brackets to complete this phone.

WE 301 wall phone WE 130A donut phone WE 50-AL candlestick
W.E. 301 wall phone walnut. 
circa 1902
W.E. 130-A Dounut phone circa 1905 W.E. 50-AL circa 1920's

 WE 293A front  WE 293A open
W.E. 293A wall phone with OST receiver and 229W faceplate. circa 1910

WE A1 cradle phone WE A1 cradle phone
W.E. D76869 A1 phone, with 2HB dial, notch less number plate and early seamless hand set. Looks like a chopped version of a dial candlestick with a cradle. circa 1926

WE B mount WE 151-AL stick
W.E. B mount dest phone with #2 dial and celluloid number plate. cicra 1928. number plate is from 1932 W.E. 151-AL #2 dial. circa 1930's

WE 553A wall phone front WE 553A wall phone open
Western Electric 553A wall phone with #4 dial. circa 1931
Inside view of 553A phone. marking bottom front cover is 4th quarter 1931

531A ringers
This is a pair of Western Electric 531A ringers from 1955. The one on left has steel bells and marked SA for Security Alarm,  the other one has brass bells. These where used as alarms or even ringers for payphones.

WE C1 space saver WE 211 space saver WE 152-AB RR stick
W.E. C1 mount wall phone #4 dial and early notched number plate.
circa 1929
W.E. 211 space saver wall phone #4 dial and F1 handset.
circa 1940's
W.E. 152 AB RR dispatch candlestick.
circa 1930's